They are the worst inconvenience ever.


It is such an inconvenience that this guy was able to play golf in the potholes on his road.

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Potholes, while some are small, can do major damage to your vehicle.

The fact that there are so many within Grand Rapids city limits is quite literally insane.

How can you protect your vehicle against potholes?

State Farm
State Farm

According to State Farm,

  • Try To Take Roads You Know Well
  • When you drive at night, try to stay on well-lit roads
  • Slow down
  • If you hit a pothole, inspect your tires and wheels for possible damage.
  • If you can't avoid the pothole, brake before hitting the pothole.
  • If you notice a road that has potholes, you can report the pothole as a roadway hazard.

Who do you report potholes to?

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Since potholes are literal terrors to society, there are ways to report them to the city to get them fixed.

  1. You have to make sure the pothole is eligible. The pothole has to be within Grand Rapids city limits and you have to be as specific as possible.
  2. You can report the potholes online or on the GRCity 311 app.
  3. It takes roughly 30 business days, depending on the weather, to receive updates about the issue.

You can download the grcity 311 app for either IOS or Android.

If you want to learn more potholes that you should avoid in the area, you can read the full Reddit thread.

Potholes In The Roads Surrounding Glasgow
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What potholes have you seen in Grand Rapids that always cause you to stress out?

7 Of The Worst Potholes in Grand Rapids, According To Reddit

Driving is already a hassle but when you add potholes into the equation, it gets even worse. Here are just a few of the potholes in Grand Rapids that you may want to avoid.

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