Grand Rapids has an excellent vintage and thrifting scene, with S. Division being home to multiple great vintage shops. One of those awesome shops is Decaydence Vintage, and it just had a very special customer.



Decaydence Vintage

Located at 71 Division S Grand Rapids Michigan 49503, Decaydence Vintage opened in November of 2022. It is known for its pop-culture decorated walls and vintage clothes sporting anything from classic band t-shirts to unique pants to quirky jewelry you won't find anywhere else. The shop is locally owned and has a rotating catalog of vendors.



Ross Lynch & The Driver Era

Ross Lynch is known for his stint on Disney Channel where he played Austin in the hit TV show "Austin and Ally" and Harvey in "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina." He has also starred in movies like "Teen Beach Movie" and its sequel "Teen Beach Movie 2", as well as playing a young Jeffery Dahmer in "Dahmer".

He was also the lead singer in the band R5, which featured members of the Lynch family and Ellington Ratliff. Ross Lynch and his brother Rocky Lynch created their own band titled the Driver Era following R5 breaking up in 2018, and have been touring since.


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Ross' Visit to Decaydence Vintage

Ross Lynch is in Grand Rapids for The Driver Era's show at GLC Live at 20 Monroe today, April 8th. While he is in town, he decided to do some thrift shopping. I spoke with Tomas Short, the owner of Decaydence Vintage, about his experience with Ross coming into the store:

It was really cool. At first he was just shopping with a friend and I didn’t really notice it was him. Two girls got up the courage to ask him for a photo with him and that’s when I saw who it was. He tried on some stuff and bought a vintage Phantom of the Opera polo, a Dale Earnhardt Hat and a pair of leather chaps that he said he was going to wear on the tour! It was really great to hear him and his friends say that we had a really great store with an amazing selection especially since he has been all over the world. I tried to not make a big deal about him being in the store so that he could shop relatively in peace. He’s the first big celebrity that I know of that has come in.


Tomas Short
Tomas Short
Tomas Short
Tomas Short


It's great seeing a local business get this kind of praise. Decaydence Vintage is Ross Lynch approved, so if you want to check it out, they're open 12 to 6 Wednesday-Sunday. As for The Driver Era, Ross and Rocky Lynch are currently on tour. You can get tickets here.


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