A family in Rockford is seeking help from the community after their home burned down over the weekend, leaving the father in the hospital and most of their belongings considered a total loss.


Firefighter wearing a rolled fire hose

"He ran back in for his kids, so he's a hero in my book"

Erik Jorgensen is in the hospital with severe burns after he ran back in to save his kids, according to his sister Danielle Aniszko. He is currently being sedated. His actions led to the children all coming out unharmed, even at the cost of his health. He is being treated for "soot burns in his throat and lungs."

Jorgensen's sister said it best:

We're just blessed that they got out and everybody is at least alive, and my brother is going to be okay. It's just gonna take some healing.


Firefighter protection gear, helmet, gloves on the bumper of the fire truck


Struggles Going Forward

Despite the family coming out largely unscathed on the health front, their house has been deemed a total loss and they've been left with nothing but the clothes on their back. The family car was even lost in the blaze.


As a result, Aniszko has created a GoFundMe to try and help the Jorgenson family start over. You can donate and get in contact with Aniszko here. The Family wears the following clothes sizes:


Erik Jorgensen: 13M shoe, XL shirt/sweatshirt, XL sweatpants, XL underwear

Sarah Jorgensen: 7.5W shoe, small/medium shirts, medium sweatshirts, 5 jeans, small sweatpants

10-year-old son: 6 kids shoe, 10 kids sweatpants, small shirts (14/16)

13-year-old daughter: 11W shoe, large shirts, medium pants, medium underwear

22-year-old son: 12.5 shoe, 2XL shirts, 42/30 pants, XL/2XL sweatpants


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