Massage parlors tend to offer a wide range of options. However, the owner of this massage parlor located in Grand Rapids was arrested after police found out her massage parlor was offering something far different than a massage.


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"Just Divine" Massage Parlor

Located at 5181 Plainfield Avenue NE, the Just Divine massage parlor was unlike most massage parlors people are used to. The building was unmarked and unsuspecting, yet it was reportedly one of the highest-attended massage parlors in the county, with most of the clients being men. An investigation by police revealed why the massage parlor was so popular:


It was a front for prostitution.


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Inside The Parlor

In an interview with 13 On Your Side, Lt. Eric Brunner with the Kent County Sheriff's Office offered a look into the business. Brunner revealed that no actual massage therapists were employed despite the business being licensed with the State of Michigan. It's red flags like this that led the police to investigate the business:

Our investigation determined there's men from the east side of the state coming to this business. This business is not advertised, the front door is locked. The place is by appointment only, and you have to know people...


Police obtained a search warrant and were able to confirm that prostitution was happening inside the business. No signs of human trafficking have been found.


The owner, a 44-year-old woman, was arrested and is being charged with Keeping a House of Prostitution, Prostitution Pandering, Prostitution/Accepting Earnings, and Using a Computer to Commit a Crime. 




She is currently in Kent County Jail awaiting arraignment. Until then, no other information about the woman has been released.


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