You would think with Lake Superior's shoreline touching Michigan's Upper Peninsula a coffee tour would have a lot more Michigan stops.

Coffee Snobs Are Big Business

I have been going to a lot of music festivals over the last 15 years and the one thing I have seen that continues to grow is the coffee industry. Every festival now has a unique coffee section or beans with the artist's name on them.

There are so many boutique coffee shops that continue to keep opening in every city similar to the craft beer craze.

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I work in downtown Grand Rapids so every morning I see people walking the streets with a phone in one hand and a boutique coffee in the other. I have some friends who won't drink just any coffee, and even one buddy who travels with his own coffee grinder so he gets what he wants no matter what.

Coffee Tour of Lake Superior Lacks in Michigan Stops

Lake Superior Circle Tour Facebook Page
Lake Superior Circle Tour Facebook Page

I have driven across the Upper Peninsula's shoreline facing Lake Superior on my motorcycle and there was no shortage of places to grab a coffee. When I saw the Java Journey that is set up for Lake Superior, I was surprised at how few coffee stops were listed because most were on the Canadian side of the lake.

If you want to avoid getting a passport to go on a coffee tour, here is a the of the five stops you can make in Michigan. If you are the true coffee snob that wants to see all the stops, I will make sure and slide you a link at the end.
  1. Superior Cafe - located in Sault Ste, Marie. You can enjoy a great coffee with house beans then take a stroll to Sault Locks Park and watch the big ships cruise by.
  2. Falling Rock Cafe & Book Store - located in downtown Munising. Made with Great Lake Coffee Company beans you will be sure to find the right kick you will need to get to your next destination.
  3. Dead River Coffee - is located in Marquette. With a name like Dead River Coffee, they probably have some pretty cool merchandise to go along with a fresh brewed cup of coffee.
  4. Little Cabin Cafe - is located in Copper Harbor at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge. The location is perfect for a nice walk with your java with lots of activities to enjoy during the warmer months.
  5. Keweenaw Coffee Works - is located in Calumet. Like a micro beer, Keweenaw Coffee Works is a micro coffee that offers high-quality small-batch specialty coffee.

If you would like to see the other coffee stops on this tour that continues in Wisconsin and Canada click here.

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