Living in Grand Rapids, we have a busy drive to and from Downtown GR. Considering we're the second most populated city in the state, it's easy to forget how spread out the state really is...until you drive 15 minutes in any direction and you're met with nothing but fields and farms.


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Take a look at the map below. My most consistent drive and back is driving up to Big Rapids to go camping; I've always enjoyed that drive. It's a straight shot North and is one of those routes where you turn your brain off and take in the sights.

Michigan population density (2020) byu/AJgloe inMapPorn

But while that route is boring, is it the MOST boring? Or, is there a specific area of the state that is lowkey a must-avoid? According to Michiganders over on the r/Michigan Reddit, there are a couple of different contenders for the most boring spot in the Great Lakes State.

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Most Boring Route?

It seems an overwhelming consensus of Reddit users agreed that Central Michigan students rarely enjoyed their drive to school. Or maybe, it's the rest of the North after Mt. Pleasant that stinks.

The most up-voted answer on the thread was by u/TeddyWutt and had to do with US-127.

That weird stretch of 127 north between mid michigan and up north. Where the highway just gives up on itself for a while. That part.

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My personal recommendation for this "worst route" competition is M-57 from US-131 to Greenville. Two-lane highway for 16 miles with minimal passing ability...torture.


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