Michigan's very own Bobcat Bonnie's is set to open a new location in Lansing, opening to the public starting today.

The Detroit-based restaurant had a limited opening for staff training yesterday but will be fully open with limited hours starting Thursday (4 pm -10 pm), Friday (4 pm-11 pm), and Saturday (4 pm-11 pm). Over the next couple of weeks, the restaurant is expected to expand this location to include everything people come to expect from a Bobcat Bonnie's, including a brunch menu and a lunch menu.

Bobcat Bonnie's Lansing
Bobcat Bonnie's

What is Bobcat Bonnie's?

For those of you who don't know about Bobcat Bonnie's, it was started in 2015 by Matt Buskard and his partner and has since expanded to nine locations, with a location in Ohio in the works. It was named after Matt's grandmother Bonnie, who frequently used a Bobcat front loader around her farm. Bobcat Bonnie's is known for how it gives back to the community and aims to be "your neighborhood spot".

The restaurant serves a wide range of food and drinks, from brunch to lunch, dinner to dessert, and has an extensive cocktail menu that varies depending on the time of day.

Outside of Bobcat Bonnie's original Detroit location
Bobcat Bonnie's


Where To Find The Lansing Location

The Lansing location is located at  637 E Michigan Ave Lansing, MI. The restaurant expects the place to be busy and requests guests to be patient and lenient as the staff is still learning. They will be closed on Sunday to make any necessary changes after the first couple of days of business.


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