A woman is refusing to adhere to a bride-to-be's dress code for her bachelorette party after she has already spent a lot of money on the wedding.

"I am attending one of my best friend’s weddings in a few weeks in Mexico. She lives in Ohio, her family lives in New York, and I live in Europe. She’s chosen Mexico for her wedding as it’s less expensive for her, and she thinks it can be a nice vacation for everyone attending," she wrote on Reddit.

The woman was "out of work for a few months this year and [is] actively trying to save to buy a house."

"Money is tight and going to the wedding is costing me thousands of dollars. I’ve made my peace with that and am genuinely looking forward to the wedding and the vacation. Today, the bride told me that she’s picked a very specific theme for the bachelorette party, one that would require me to buy something new or borrow something," she continued.

She is "struggling to spend more money on this wedding so buying something, even second hand, is off the table."

Instead, she plans to wear something "comfortable" to the bachelorette party without spending any additional money on the event.

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Users supported the woman in the comments, with many questioning the bride's friendship.

"You will only be an a--hole if you fail to have a conversation with her beforehand, explaining your circumstances, etc., and just show up in an outfit that she is not expecting," one person wrote.

"Force her to be the one to make the ultimate decision. Otherwise, if you just show up and all she does is complain and badmouth you, is she really worth all of this effort? If you give her the opportunity to see the ridiculous level of entitled 'Bridezillary' that she has attained, perhaps she will snap out of it and see the bigger picture," another chimed in.

"This person isn't your friend. Why are you wasting money you need for other things at her wedding?" someone else commented.

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