A frustrated woman on Reddit is refusing to pay for the bride's share of a bachelorette party getaway in New Orleans after being blind-sided by the Maid of Honor.

"When we got there, we found only two beds, which I guess her MOH [Maid of Honor] counted as plenty. There were only love seats and no pullout couches. Her MOH took one room with her best friend, leaving me, the bride, and another girl I’ve never met with the king bed," she began.

"While I was in the bathroom, the bride and other friend decided to stick me in the middle because I’m 'the most easygoing' and didn’t ask me. So that was awkward," she added.

"The group itself was super cliquey, but that wasn’t really a surprise since no one knew each other and everyone was vying for the bride’s attention. I kind of just hung back since it was only two nights," the woman continued, adding the trip overall was a "painful" experience.

"I had an earlier flight, and on the way to the airport the Maid of Honor Venmo requested me an insane amount (like $750) to cover the bride’s stuff. I guess we were all paying for her flight, stay, everything, despite me already having paid $500 for a big dinner out. I just didn’t answer and thought I would deal with it when I got home since I was arriving at the airport," she explained.

The Maid of Honor recently sent a group text reminding everyone to pay up, but the woman doesn't think she should pay the full amount.

"I honestly had a sh---y time, wasn’t treated so well, and already paid about $2,000 for a party when I’m not even in the wedding. I was thinking of throwing her like $300 and saying the amount wasn’t disclosed and I can’t afford it, or would that be wrong and I should just pay it and be done with them?" she concluded, asking Reddit for advice.

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Users in the comments section backed the woman and criticized the culture surrounding bachelor and bachelorette parties.

"Unless paying for the bride's share was discussed and agreed to (by you) prior to the trip, don't send her a dime. Bachelor/bacherlorettes have gotten out of control," one person wrote.

"That's a crazy amount of money to spend on a bachelorette. How do you pay $2,000 for a flight, sh---y Airbnb that doesn't even have enough beds, and food/drinks? Maybe the MOH [Maid of Honor] is splitting the costs between the other girls, and isn't even chipping in herself," another suggested.

"Even if you were a bridesmaid it’d still be unreasonable to request such a large amount without prior discussion. I get splitting cost for the bride's meals and drinks but destination bachelorettes are tricky for this reason. You didn’t agree to pay someone else’s airfare or Airbnb costs. I wouldn’t pay anything additional, the MOH's poor planning isn’t your problem," someone else commented.

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