A woman on Reddit says she pleaded with her 25-year-old daughter, who got engaged a year ago, to change her wedding date because it falls on the same date of a fatal family car accident.

"My mother died instantly, my brother and nephew passed away the next day ... Their loss was devastating for my life and for everyone, even worse for my father and my sister-in-law," she wrote.

"I tried to talk to her about moving [the date], because it is still a very difficult date for our family and even for myself, but she insisted saying that the venue had that date available and it would be perfect, because all the other available dates aren't so good and wouldn't be so important. I respected her decision," she continued.

After her daughter sent out her save-the-dates, however, a number of family members took offense at the insensitive wedding date and let her know they would not be attending.

"Today my daughter called me unhappy that no one but us confirmed (my husband doesn't have family on his side) and her family part was empty and she expected everyone to go on that date, even more so after she explained the reason to them about the date, but they still refused," she recalled.

The woman tried to explain that the date was "difficult even for me," and told her daughter she must have known "that this choice of date had this consequence."

"She exploded at me, saying that everyone was against her, it's not her fault the dates coincided and everyone could make an effort to go a few hours for her, but they decided to just not go and I was basically saying, 'I told you so,'" she recalled.

Her daughter hung up on her and now they aren't speaking.

"My husband said he understands me, but I should have stayed away from it," she concluded her post.

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Users offered their own perspectives and advice in the comments section.

"I mean, you told her exactly why this would happen and she didn't listen. I think she was more upset in front of you than at you, if that makes sense. She's venting. But also kinda thoughtless to think that everyone would just swallow their grief to watch her get married on a really painful anniversary," one person wrote.

"I’m a bit shocked that the daughter has no pain associated with the date… That was her grandmother, uncle, and cousin, and only two years ago. Sort of heartless," another commented.

"She needs to realize that she isn't an emotional powerhouse who can change others' feelings with an event," someone else shared.

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