One thing I can say that doesn't make any sense to me is that most people don't know how to separate individuals from their jobs. Let's be honest here, we are all different people at home than we are at work, we adjust and conduct ourselves dependent upon the environment, so why is it when someone else you can't have that same judgement? It's okay for you to act different but they have to be on their Ps and Qs at all times, that's not cool.

Nonetheless, that's not how the world works, especially in this day and age. When someone sees someone doing something they don't like whether it be in public or online, the first thing people do is run to their employer and show them. I understand that you don't think someone like that should get away scott free but that doesn't mean you should ruin their life either, just because you don't agree with their, check notes, PERSONAL life. This Michigan teacher is trying to preach that her off the clock life doesn't hinder her productivity on the job, after she was allegedly fired.

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Those who work in the school systems are most susceptible to losing their job, teacher certifications, and other serious consequences due to how they choose to live their lives outside of school. I understand that teachers have a lot of influences on children and spend a lot of time with them, but at the end of the day they are still adult humans with autonomy to do whatever they would like with their free time. This teacher in Detroit found out that's not always the case.

From what you will be able to read later, Ms. Brown had been teaching in Detroit for some time now but has recently been forced to leave her job as teacher because of her career outside of school hours as a rapper. You can see the TikTok video below which shows Ms. Brown, who goes by the stage name Drippin Honey, recording a rap video with some of her former students.

@drippinhoney_musicRecently, I was forced to leave my position due to me being a Rapper. A single parent’s disapproval led to my dismissal. The parent wished to stay Anonymous after contacting my job for months, I’ve been dealing with this since I dropped “Drippin 101” in October.. 5 months later Meetings after meetings defending my involvement in the music industry I was asked to erase all my content that’s when I knew I HAVE TO BET ON MYSELF CUZ NOBODY WILL IF I DONT. What troubles me most about this situation is the lack of consideration for the impact and influence I have had on my students’ lives. My outside life should not be grounds for termination when it does not interfere with my ability to fulfill my responsibilities as a teacher. My dedication, professionalism, and passion for education have always been unwavering, regardless of any personal pursuits I may have.It is worth noting that when I was hired as a teacher, my involvement in the music industry as a rapper did not hinder my candidacy. I was judged based on my qualifications, experience, and potential to positively impact the lives of my students. Yet, now, my commitment and contributions seem to be overshadowed by arbitrary judgments about my personal life. I been teaching for 7 years !!! I have over 200 signatures parents & students who want to support me & my students this is not about job placement I’m really in my community DOING EVERYTHING FOR EVERYBODY!! I go to every game, I’m picking up & dropping off, buying food, clothes , shelter , free tutoring, girls club and so much more !! VIDEO DROPPING AT MIDNIGHT COME SUPPORT ME & MY BABIES 4LIFE MS. BROWN GOT YALL FOREVER!!

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What is your opinion on separating the individuals from their job and allowing people freedom in their time away from the workplace?

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