The restaurant experience is one that many people have opinions on and is one that people are expecting to go a certain way. When someone goes out to eat they are expecting great food, great drinks, and exceptional service. Which these expectations have caused a lot of debate between servers and customers over tips and wages, but this may not be an issue for too much longer.

One of the ways that things can be fixed is if wages for servers were raised to a livable wage so that tips could be just that instead of their main source of income. A tip should be added on top of their hourly wage, not making up the difference as you pay them well under minimum wage. On the contrary, why would restaurant owners choose to pay their servers more when they could have free servers? This Kalamazoo area restaurant is already testing that feature out with it's newest non-human server.

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Hunan Gardens is a restaurant that provides authentic Chinese cuisine within the Kalamazoo area. They have two locations one that is in Kalamazoo on West Main while the other is in Texas Corners. They have been trying to remain afloat since the pandemic and inflation crisis have caused some losses, which has them trying a plethora of new things including servers that will work for free.


Now, these servers aren't the typical servers you would think of. When visiting the Hunan Gardens location in Texas Corners you may interact with artificial intelligence, which is also known as robots. The Texas Corners location is testing out new technology that has a robot server delivering bills and fortune cookies to guest while being able to say words like Thank you!

The AI server made its way over to the table and delivered the bill and fortune cookies, waited for the payment of the bill, and then proceeded to return to the counter after saying Thank you. Is this the beginning of AI taking over our everyday jobs? Is this the first or the last robot we'll see working in the Kalamazoo area?

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