The Catalonian tradition of having a shepherd pooping in a manger scene is one of the weirdest Christmas rituals ever.

When a friend went to Spain for Christmas vacation a few years back, he told me about a strange tradition that has captivated me since. It's the "caganer" or "pooper".

Dating back to the 17th century, people in the Catalonia region of Spain have been placing a statue of a shepherd pooping in their manger scenes.

Experts have scrambled to figure out a reason why this tradition began, some think that pooping symbolizes a fertile soil, while others feel its the Catalonian way of bringing the mighty down to earth, by showing they're human like all of us.

At any rate, the caganer craze is now way out of hand, with a wide variety of pop culture and political poopers available to squat in your manger scene. You can get a caganer of anyone from Trump to Obama to Pope Francis taking a squat.

Welcome to Jojo's world of weird Christmas traditions.

Christmas Lights In Barcelona
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This video explains it all. If you really want to know, and I know you do. (CAUTION: some bad language)

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