ArtPrize is here and with all the cool art and more people, I feel it’s a good time to remind you as a driver, WATCH OUT FOR PEOPLE CROSSING THE STREET!

I would do a whole blog about remembering to use the crosswalk, but that would be idiotic since everyone just walks across WHEREVER THEY WANT!

Sorry for all the yelling. I still think that if I say it loud maybe people will get the hint.  They won’t.  So you as a driver have to be EXTRA vigilant when driving anywhere downtown Grand Rapids for the next month.

It’s probably also a good time to remind drivers that in Grand Rapids it’s a law that you MUST STOP at marked crosswalks (that don’t have a traffic light at them – like in front of the Mitten Brewing Co. on Leonard St. NW) if there are people waiting to cross. This became a city law earlier this year.

So here’s the "simple" of it:  watch out for jaywalkers and don’t kill any of them; pedestrians at a crosswalk, you must stop and let them cross.

Enjoy ArtPrize!


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