Since the Michigan AMBER Alert program began in Michigan in 2001, 327 alerts have been issued for children.

Michigan AMBER Alert Awareness Week provides and opportunity to support the program and review safety tips for kids.

WZZM reports that 95% of AMBER Alerts have led to the safe return of a child.  That's a great success rate, but not good enough.

A better understanding of how to stay safe and being able to efficiently utilize the AMBER Alert program when necessary are both key to keeping our children safe. reviews some safety tips from the Michigan State Police:

  • Parents should teach their children that if something makes them feel uneasy or uncomfortable, they should get away quickly and tell their parents or a trusted adult about what happened.
  • Parents should teach their children that it is okay to be suspicious of an adult asking for assistance, since many child predators use this technique to isolate and distract a possible child victim.
  • Children should know their home address and telephone number, and know how to contact their parents if there is an emergency.
  • Parents should teach their children how to dial "911" when asking for help in an emergency.

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