It may be legal but it's still wrong.  Those people and that church, you know the one, the one that protests outside military funerals.  Well, the Supreme Court has upheld the ruling allowing them to continue to do so under the 1st Amendment. 

Yes we should have freedom of speech, it is a God given right.  But these people, in my humble opinion, have nothing to do with God, or Christianity, or Religion.  They protest under the guise of religion but there is nothing Christian about them.  These are the same kind of folks that Bill Maher featured in his movie "Religulous." 

It's human compassion to know that it is never alright to knowingly inflict pain on your fellow man under the  veil of religion.  These are the folks that give real Christians, who are walking it out, a bad name.  They are radicals in every sense of the word.  Sad day in the United states Of America.