This year American Idol is doing something a little different but it may come back to bite them.  This year “the big bosses” at Fox gave all of the “American Idol” contestants a Twitter account.  Those little Twitter accounts just might be the BIG Spoiler in this seasons American Idol.  Here's why.  If you look at the numbers and which American Idols have a large group of followers, that's a pretty good indication of their fan base.  And by the way, those fans are the most likely to vote for their favorites on the show too.  If you look at the 3 American Idol's with the lowest number of followers you can pretty much pick the bottom three every week.   At least that's the premise.  So basically the popularity of the contestants on Twitter may predict the order that they’ll be eliminated this season. Granted we’ve only had two eliminations so far,  BUT last weeks and this weeks “bottom three” had three (of the four) lowest numbers of followers.  Here's where the American Idol's ranked BEFORE last nights elimination of Karen Rodriguez.  

Casey Abrams               29,882 followers

Scotty McCreery           28,822 followers

Paul McDonald              24,476 followers

Lauren Alaina                21,032 followers

Thia Megia                      20,653 followers

Pia Toscano                    19,672 followers

James Durbin                19,013 followers

Stefano Langone           17,152 followers 

Jacob Lusk                      11,443 followers

Karen Rodriguez           10,623  followers ELIMINATED 3/17/11

Haley Reinhart              10,476  followers

Naima Adedapo             9,723  followers

Ashthon Jones                6,656 followers ELIMINATED 3/10/11

Time will tell but I gotta think American Idol may be re-thinking the whole Twitter idea.  If I were Haley or Naima I'd be sweatin bullets for the next couple weeks.


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