I don't know?  I've seen his announcement all over television.  We even talked about it this morning On WZZM13's Take Five and Company during the chat segment with Stephanie Webb and Catherine Behrendt.

I just don't get it.  I have heard Regis say time and time again that he was never going to retire.  He loves doing Live with Regis and Kelly!  The whole thing for me just didn't look whole hearted.  What I mean to say is that it makes me question whether it was his choice or not?  Have you ever been asked to step down and make it look like it was your choice?

I know we have laws against age discrimination and everything.  I know that he is 88 years old but he still appeared to be going strong.  In television and in other facets of media, but I guess it could apply to any place of employment, youth seems to be the hot commodity for a number of reasons.  Maybe ABC wanted a fresh, younger look?

Even when David Letterman called him last night he joked "Do you know of any jobs out there" or something like that.  It sounds to me like a decision that was not his own.  (Tried to find this video from Letterman on youTube and it was blocked for every single one.)  Just sayin...