Idina Menzel launched the 2014 Major League Baseball All Star Game tonight (July 15) with two incredible performances.

For those of you over the ‘Frozen’ soundtrack, don’t worry — the beloved but overkilled film had no mention anywhere on the diamond. The 43-year-old singer took the stage in Minneapolis, Minn. first for a rendition of Bob Dylan’s ‘Forever Young.’ Her powerful vocals and the music from the band behind her equaled to a moving performance. (The baseball players were pretending to look tough, but we know Idina got to them, too!)

As if baseball fans weren’t already blinking back tears, her follow-up performance of the National Anthem, this time accompanied by nothing but her own voice, was absolutely gripping. The patriotic song is usually an emotional one, but with such an extraordinary voice behind it, the anthem was brought to another level. This time, the baseball players weren’t able to keep their stony facades in place so well!

Check out Idina Menzel’s performance of the National Anthem up above, and her version of ‘Forever Young’ down below.

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