Okay Ice Cream lovers, here is a cool idea.

A West Michigan man is creating a buzz with his new creation of uniquely flavored ice cream cones.

Sure, you can get ice cream in tons of flavors, but the cone is just a cone, right?  Not now!

Our news partner, WZZM TV13, reported James Moseley, owner of Mr. Deven's Flavored Cones & Bowls, has come up with many different flavored ice cream cones.  For instance, garlic and chili. No kidding.

Angela Cunningham, WZZM, and James Moseley

Garlic and chili, along with more traditional flavors of chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, cinnamon, and blueberry.  So, instead of adding different scoops to your cone for flavor, just pick the cone.

Moseley makes cones, and BOWLS, so you could order another kind of food for the bowl.  He says actually, the garlic and chili are great for savory meals like mac n' cheese and meatballs.  That way, you get to eat everything, food, and bowl!

He is working on pitching his product to local grocery stores and ice cream shops.  But for now, you'll be able to try them at a Whitecaps game at Fifth Thirds Ballpark.

Mosley said, "I wanted to do something different to make ice cream better, for kids and family to enjoy. It is all natural and we have a variety of sizes and flavors."