I don’t think people are realizing just HOW much snow the UP has gotten this year.

I say that because Houghton High School recently posted a picture on their Facebook page showing snow piled up against the school windows.


The best part is some of the comments which range from confusing Houghton, Michigan with Houghton Lake, which is in two different parts of the state. Then some people not realizing that over 200+ inches of snow in VERY windy weather will create snowdrifts, like Facebook User “Kimber”:

 I don’t understand why people don’t try to keep up throughout the storms with removing the snow like I do and snow removal companies as it’s a huge liability if someone gets hurt not to mention possible damage to buildings


Or Facebook User “Todd” who apparently thinks everyone in Houghton is buried under the snow – and again, doesn’t really understand how snow drifts work:

 I'm curious to know how those pictures were taken if the weather was really that bad?
Who was the crazy fool that was out and about in that mess?

I do appreciate "Nannette's" optimism for those in Houghton, not Houghton Lake:

Hang in there! there’s better days ahead.

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