It was one of those special moments of sportsmanship that can happen on the high school fields across the nation. At a JV football game in southern Michigan, a player with cerebral palsy made a dream come true scoring a touchdown after scampering for 88 yards.

The game was between visiting Homer and on the home field of Jonesville in Hillsdale County. Homer had the game well in hand when the coaches on both sides allowed the play to happen.

Watch the video below, shared to WWMT Channel 3. You'll see Austin Pitts, number 82, receive a handoff. He breaks past the line of scrimmage and runs towards the Jonesville endzone. You can hear the cowbells and cheers pick up as he knows he'll as Chris Berman would call it, "...could...go...all...the...way."

Full credit goes to the coaches and players on the Jonesville side who allowed the moment to happen. Here's how Jonesville JV coach Scott Keller put it on a Facebook page dedicated to the school's football team:

JV Guys we didn't play the way we wanted to tonight but you guys did more than a football game tonight and by your understanding you made a kids dreams. The message below is from Homer. It shows how good of a group you guys are. Good work.
"When you see Scott Keller give him a huge thanks from all of us coaches. Amazing moment that we cant thank him enough for. He and his team let Pitts “ our kid with Cerebral palsy” run 88 yards for a touchdown."

For the record, the final score was Homer 24 - Jonesville 0. But that matters little in the grander scheme of things, of course.

Austin Pitts's father shared on that same thread:

I would like to thank the team and coaches as well. You really have a good group and with my son playing football all thanks to a coach seeing a kid with a dream and determination it has changed my son in so many great ways and for the Comets to be part of his new journey I am so grateful for that and truly appreciate each and everyone of you.

Reaction from fans of both schools was universal:

That is the best thing I’ve heard in awhile, brought tears to my eyes what an amazing thing to do! Kudos Coach Keller
and the whole football team

Will remember that for the rest of his life. Good on all ya!!

This was a very heart warming experience watching this unfold. Jonesville team you made us proud.

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