The bluff in St Joseph along the shores of Lake Michigan is hiding a decades-old secret.

There's a hidden spot in St Joseph that's the final resting place for hundreds of cars, an effort many years ago to shore-up erosion along the bluff.

The car graveyard is below Lookout Park in St Joseph, along Lakeshore Drive south of Hilltop Road.

YouTube channel RuinRoad visited recently. They relate the story of a neighborhood lost to erosion caused by the building of the piers to channel the St Joseph River and altering the natural interaction between the lake and the mouth of the river. The area they identify as "the Bad Bluff" saw several attempts to shore up the slipping soils including approximately 150 old 1940s vintage cars.

Note there is some mild NSFW language in the video.

The graveyard is so little known as it's in an inaccessible area of the Lake Michigan shoreline well south of the nearest public beach in St Joe, Lions Park and well north of the first public beach in Stevensville at Glenlord.

Many who are from the area either knew the rumors or were fully surprised as it's not visible from anywhere along the bluff.

My parents live there and I grew up there, you have to rope down. My mother sadly remembers being instructed to throw trash down the bluff to 'protect' it.

Whoah!!! I has no idea! I used to live over there and never knew!!

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It's interesting to consider the auto graveyard being nearly adjacent but a world away from million-dollar homes on the Lake Michigan shoreline.

Those opulent homes line the lake from Michigan around to Illinois.

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Gallery Credit: Andra O'Neil, @properties Lake Forest,

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