Oops!  Facebook doesn't work when you try to buy ketchup.

What?  Buy ketchup on Facebook?  Yep! 

H.J. Heinz Co. wanted to try something cute and unique to introduce a new product to customers and thought 'social media' would be a good idea.  They have a new, balsamic vinegar ketchup, and tried to sell it in a Facebook stunt.   Bad idea!  It backfired.  Seems, even though it had been successful in the U.K., the State's are a different story.  Thousand logged on, but to no avail.  The site wouldn't work until after 9 pm, Monday, leaving many oozing madness.

So, what do you do when you literally have 'ketchup' all over your face?  Give it away!  Heinz Co. is promising a free bottle of its new balsamic vinegar ketchup to anybody who tried to buy it during the failed product launch.

That's not to bad, and a good recovery for what was beginning to be a marketing disaster.

Heinz says they will ship a free bottle of the balsamic ketchup to those who posted on the Facebook page when it wasn't working.

Heinz also will send an additional free bottle to anyone placing a Facebook order for the ketchup Tuesday.

Time to 'roll out' the burgers, mom.

The new ketchup hits stores in December.


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