This is really Breaking News. Grand Rapids Public School Superintendent Teresa Weatherall Neal announced at a news conference this morning that she would be retiring at the end of the 2018-19 school year.

Our news partner, WZZM13 reported that most people thought was the announcement that GRPS students could be one step closer to getting free college tuition if the School Board votes tonight to establishe the Grand Rapids Promise Zone Authority, took the surprising turn.

Teresa Weatherall Neal has been GRPS Superintendent since 2012, and has overseen many new, innovative changes for Grand Rapids Public Schools making the system one of the most successful urban districts in Michigan and the United States.

The Superintendent said, "I've spent 55 years with GRPS. That wasn't by accident, that was by design," she said. "My heart will always hold a special place not only for GRPS, but for the staff, the children, the families that we serve and this community."

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