Grand Rapids is the one of the smartest cities in the U.S.

But you already knew that! Since you live here, and you listen to this station. You are obviously of higher intelligence.

Not that I'm complaining, but does it seem like Forbes is totally pro Grand Rapids? All they do is seem to rank us in more of their top 10 lists than Joey Buttafuco in Letterman Top 10 Lists back in the day. Now we are the fourth smartest city in the U.S., according to Forbes.

No. 4: Grand Rapids-Wyoming
Share Of Population That Is College-Educated, 2013: 30.6 percent
Increase In Share Since 2000: 7.9 percentage points
Increase In College-Educated Population Since 2000: 92.7 percent"

So it's Boston, Pittsburgh, San Jose and us. Lil ol' Grand Rapids. Who wuld have thunk it?

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right place

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