Grand Rapids on Tap is this Saturday! This year it's being held at Calder Plaza, which also happens to be a great spot to hunt for Pokemon. Craft beer and Pokemon Go, what could be better?

Grand Rapids already has craft beer mastered, and at Calder Plaza on Saturday, you can work toward becoming a Pokemon Master, too. Here are just a few reasons why Calder Plaza is perfect for your Pokemon adventures this Saturday!

  • Pokemon Go via Nintendo

    The Calder Statue is a Gym

    Hundreds of people will be at Calder Plaza for Grand Rapids on Tap, which means that there will be plenty of competition for the Calder Statue Gym. Bring your strongest Pokemon and battle for bragging rights!

  • Pokemon Go via Nintendo

    There Are 2 Pokestops to Restock Your Items

    Nothing kills a Pokemon hunt like running out of Pokeballs or Potions. Luckily, both the Calder Model and the Riding the Rapid Pokestops are conveniently located within the Plaza.

  • Pokemon Go via Nintendo

    Walking Around While Sampling Beer Hatches Eggs

    The perimeter of Calder Plaza is approximately .6 kilometers, which means that only 8 laps (or so) will completely hatch a 5 km egg! The more walking you do while tasting craft beer, the more eggs you'll hatch. It's a win-win.

  • Pokemon Go via Nintendo

    You Can Get Some Good Pictures While You Catch 'Em All

    If you feel more like Todd from Pokemon Snap and prefer to take pictures with all the Pokemon you find, the Calder Statue makes for an excellent backdrop. Snapping a few well-timed photos of a Pidgey eyeing your beer sampling glass is a great way to remember your day at Grand Rapids on Tap!