Allstate says Grand Rapids drivers are the nation's most improved.

Allstate analyzed data for their annual report and determined that Grand Rapids drivers are becoming safer.

But data can only tell you so much.

How good (or bad) do YOU think Grand Rapids drivers are?

Allstate's 9th Annual "Best Drivers Report" takes a look at driver safety.  Last year, Grand Rapids drivers ranked 87th in the country.  This year we ranked 62nd. That's the highest jump of any city and makes us the most improved.

But being the most improved drivers doesn't necessary mean that we're good drivers.  We had a lot of room for improvement.

In fact, we're about average.  Grand Rapids drivers' rate of accidents is 0.2% higher than the national average.

Of course, accidents don't tell the whole story of what makes a good driver.  Aggressive driving, following posted signs, cell phone use, merging, and more all need to be considered.

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