As a person without kids, it's easy for me to say, "I don't understand all these stories of kids wandering away from home." But I also have friends with kids who have told me crazy stories of what their kids are capable of when the parents are going to the bathroom. A couple of weeks ago a snowplow driver found a wandering toddler and now this story from Grand Rapids.

Cherie Winters posted on Facebook a story of how an Amazon driver helped rescue a toddler that had wandered off from his home. She says that she and her 6-year-old grandson were taking care of the grandson's dog when they noticed a young boy walking down the street dragging his jacket. They were trying to figure out who he was and maybe where he lived when Cherie saw an Amazon delivery driver stop his van and make contact with the toddler.

She says the driver helped the kid with his jacket and started asking questions about where he was supposed to be or where he lived.

from her Facebook post,

Recognizing that the boy was still confused, the driver secured his truck and then started walking back with the boy. They walked back a block before the boy seemed to recognize his home. At that point, the driver started running back to his truck.

Cherie posted the story and picture on Facebook because she wanted to give the driver some recognition but he wouldn't stick around to share his name or anything, and he didn't help the kid because he was trying to look good in front of other people.  He did it because he has a great heart.  When she couldn't get through to Amazon to recognize his good deed, she took it to Facebook, and we brought it here.

Whoever you are, thank YOU for being an awesome human!

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