The City of Grand Rapids has told Brann's Steakhouse & Grille that they must remove the police and military memorial flags at their Leonard St. location because they violate a city ordinance.

A GoFundMe page has quickly raised more than $1,000 over its goal to pay for a zoning variance fee to keep the flags in place.

On April 20, Brann's announced that they plan to file for a zoning variance to keep the flags at a cost of $1,349, but they have no plans to take down the flags even if the variance is not approved.

The GoFundMe page to raise money for Brann's was created on April 21. As of this morning, the fund has received $2,500 from 65 people.

The page says Brann's restaurant owner Johnny Brann has refused to take money to assist with the purchase of bumper stickers and billboards that support police officers in the past. The page explains that "local police officers from several area departments thought the least we could do, is pay for the fee to apply for a zoning variance and possibly pay for his fines for showing respect for local men that have paid the ultimate sacrifice."

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