Fun. were all about cannonballs and bombast in their video for 'Some Nights,' the title track of their breakout sophomore record. However, the band are backing away from the Civil War and back into their normal lives for their clip for 'Carry On.'

Andrew Dost explained, "With the first two videos we did for this album, 'We Are Young' and 'Some Nights' -- there's a lot of explosions and gunshots, it's very cinematic." This one? Not as much!

"The idea is for the story to be the truth — playing a show, hanging out, getting dinner with friends. It's more of the reality of what we're going through these days," frontman Nate Ruess told MTV News. Guitarist Jack Antonoff added, "This video is a harsher look of the realities of what it's like to be fun — not in a sad way, but in a very honest way."

The video features live footage from one of the band's recent concerts at New York City's Terminal 5, accompanied by shots of the group just kicking back and relaxing -- dining out with pals and walking through the streets of the Big Apple. "Everywhere is a beautiful backdrop in New York City," Ruess enthused.

The band even had Grand Central Station shut down for a few special shots of the empty train station, which may have inspired director Anthony Mendler's comment: "This video is like watching a train come unrailed in a good way. The last video ['Some Nights'] was about two people meeting their destiny."

"It's gonna be cool to explore Grand Central Station shut down," Ruess said. "It's about us coming home from tour ... we've had virtually no days off in the past five months, and this is one of our few days off in this is what we're doing."

The video teaser on the band's website shows them getting tipsy over martinis and sprinting throughout both Grand Central Station and relatively empty NYC streets. Fun. appear to be having, well, fun, even though it's not the hard partying excess that many of their peers require to have a good time.

Watch Fun. Behind the Scenes of Their 'Carry On' Video