The Fuller House family has officially reunited for Season 2 of the Netflix revival series, and new pics give us hints about what's in store.

Since a May 4 table read, the show's cast — including Andrea Barber, Soni Bringas and Juan Pablo Di Pace — have been sharing photos that clue fans into some basic goings-on. Judging by Candace Cameron Bure's shot, we know the first episode of the next season is called "Welcome Back," and in a separate image posted by Elias Harger, we can see a good chunk of the show's actors have, indeed, stuck around. Plus, they seem overjoyed to be there (seriously, the Cleavers look comparatively grim).

John Brotherton and Scott Weinger, who play Matt and Steve, respectively, don't seem quite as thrilled, though. The actors' characters competed to win the heart of DJ across Season 1, and according to an April 25 story in Varietythat is unlikely to change when the show returns. Already, we're seeing evidence of the renewed rivalry, as Wenger posted "The showdown begins" in an image that features him and Brotherton staring each other down.

Patience waning for new episodes? So is Andrea Barber's — the actress behind Kimmy Gibbler posted a shot from the stairs of the famous San Francisco painted lady's front steps, noting "Just hanging out, waiting for Deej and Steph..."

See new family photo albums above, and tell us what you hope to see from the next season.

Look Back at Some Perfectly '90s Fuller House Lingo:

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