It's a story that we seem to be hearing popping up occasionally, sexual misconduct of a teacher in school. When it happens in your own back yard, well, your ears perk up. Not in our town! It must be somewhere else. No, it's not Michigan State, it's here, in Forest Hills.

Fox17 reported that two teen girls say their teacher inappropriately touched them, leading to criminal charges.

The teacher is John Moglia, an art teacher at Forest Hills Central Middle School, who is also involved int the yearbook club, who now faces two counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct - 4th Degree for allegedly engaging in sexual conduct with a child between the ages of 13 and 16.

One of the teen's mother's reported the incident involving her daughter on June 10, 2020. Her daughter told investigators that Moglia rubbed her back and touched her thigh. Another time, he allegedly put a camera strap around her neck and grabbed her breasts.

Surprisingly, it was discovered Moglia was already facing a Title IX investigation. Another female student reported to school officials in the Fall of 2019 that Moglia was a "touchy person." That student claimed he squeezed her thigh during class and asked if she was ticklish.

How will the Forest Hills administration handle this? Forest Hills Public Schools said "Our first and highest priority is always student safety. We have been fully cooperating with the Kent County Sheriff’s department and have been investigating as well. Anyone who has additional information reach out to the sheriff’s department."

What will happen if he is convicted? He could spend up to 4 years in prison, and be a registered sex offender for life.

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