Can you hear it? The reverberations of 'Slow Ride' from the rafters of the auditorium at Hackett Catholic Prep High School in Kalamazoo? As odd as it might be to imagine now, the band Foghat played the venue in 1974.

The memory was shared with the Vanished Kalamazoo Facebook group and brought back memories from those who were there.

The show was promoted by Boogie Productions and admission was $5 with tickets available at Boogie Records, Discount Records, Recordland and Choker Records in Battle Creek.

Here are some of the memories shared to the group:

I was there. And collected roaches under the bleachers the next day.

Yup. I put a flyer from that event I have on here somewhere. A guy I know was in the warm up band which he said were guys from Hackett. He gave me a recording of their portion of the show.

I was there. I was at the front before the doors open when the crowd pushed forward unexpectedly I had my arm bent at the elbow. A guard inside looking out and me watched as my forearm bent, I truly expected it to snap. It didn’t, the guard and I looked at each other in relief, my arms stayed straight down along my body for the rest of the wait.

I remember them there Seemed surreal seeing them at a high school.

Did the Foghat Show Leave Lasting Damage at Hackett?

One of the more incredible stories from the show is that there may have been the stories of damage caused by the show and still evident at the school:

The damage to the floor is still visible in one particular place near the half-court line.

Didn't someone carve something in the H at half-court during the concert?

Foghat Classic Shows in Kalamazoo at Wings Stadium

The Hackett show in '74 did not show up on The first show we have a record of in Kalamazoo in at Wings Stadium in 1976. Other shows at Wings in '78, '80 and '83 are also listed.

Foghat also played Kalamazoo Ribfest:

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