If so far you haven’t been too affected by the month-long government shutdown, you might soon, as air travel is now being affected here in West Michigan.

We’ve already heard how security lines are moving super slow as large numbers of TSA employees called in sick after working for nearly a month without pay.

Well, Friday LaGuardia Airport in New York had to cancel a bunch of flights after the shutdown left them with not enough air controllers.

Which as Fox 17 points out, had a domino effect when Delta ended up having to cancel two flights out of Grand Rapids because of the staff shortage in New York City. There’s no word from Fox 17 or Gerald R Ford Airport about more cancellations happening because of the shutdown.

I’m guessing right now it’s going to be hard to say because the weather will probably cause plenty of delays and possible cancellations.  Also, there’s a temporary fix with the government…so maybe the FAA employee shortage will not be a problem anymore.


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