Steve Wozniak is not as famous as Steve Jobs, but he's just as responsible for starting the computer revolution, if not more."Woz" was actually the brains behind Apple! He was the engineer, who, along with Jobs, started Apple, in a garage, of course.

The Apple l, the first Apple computer made by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1976 (Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

I read an interview with 'Woz' yesterday, and was really taken by what he shared, his five secrets for success.  They're pretty simple, and they fit anyone, no matter what age.

1.  Be curios - Creativity doesn't come from doing what you already know how to do. It comes from asking questions that might make other people uncomfortable.

2.  Dream big - Wanting to change the world takes guts, for sure, but it also takes imagination.

3.  Don't work for money - Unless you really care about what you're doing, other people wont care either.

4.  A idea on paper isn't worth much - You've got to act and move and build something to inspire people and attract attention.  Money will flow in.

5.  Don't take things too seriously - If you're worried about something, you're not moving forward.  Relax and let good ideas flow.

Now, go be successful!