Neither Republicans, Democrats, or Independents think very highly of Congress these days.  The public's approval rating has sunk to a new low in the latest Rasmussen Reports poll on the subject, with just six-percent saying they think Congress is doing a "good" or "excellent" job.  That figure tops the previous record low -- which was set last month -- when eight-percent rated Congress as "good" or "excellent."

Meanwhile, 61-percent would give Congress a "poor" rating for their efforts, which is up nine-percent from June.  Nearly 70-percent don't believe the current Congress has passed any significant piece of legislation, and only eleven-percent think Congress has approved any bills that will bolster the quality of life for Americans.

The majority is also unhappy with the way Congress and the president are tackling the current debt ceiling crisis.  Nearly 60-percent answering a separate Rasmussen poll "disapprove" of President Obama and the Congressional Democrats' performance in the matter, while 53-percent "disapprove" of the Congressional Republicans' efforts.c