Scandals, backroom dealings, murder plots, lies, deception and everything that makes for a great story.  The only difference is this stuff is all real and it's right in our own backyard!

McKay Towers, located on Monroe center NW, also served as the site, where this areas first non-Indian marriage back in the early 1800's took place.  In 1945 news of a murder plot leaked out too.

I don't know about you but I really enjoy learning about the history of some of these old buildings.  When I lived in Toledo and they were doing some renovation at my old place on Bancroft Street, I learned that the radio station building use to be a brothel.  I have to tell you there were many a nights where i would hear party and celebration sounds in the hallway outside the soundproof room.

Before you want to commit me to the funny farm, I was not alone.  Others i worked with heard the same thing and it only happened only at night.