I think this is just so cool!  It would be worth the cost to fly to Dubai to experience this!  Who wants to vacation with me here?

Dubai, has unveiled plans for a an underwater hotel.  Dubai already has the tallest building in the world, they also have dozens of man made islands off their coastline. I have watched so many television specials on Dubai and that country is just so cutting edge!  It kind of reminds me of what America use to be in the mid 1900's.  Government in Dubai have said that too, they want to be what we were.  I think they are succeeding at it.

There are now plans in the making for a half submerged hotel that will come complete with rooms that allow you to feel like you are part of the underwater world, with big glass windows.  The hotel will be about 10 meters below sea level, in inches and feet, that is about 33 foot deep.

Being a PADI certified scuba diver myself, any deeper than that and I would imagine you would have to start thinking about decompressing on the way back up to the surface.  So that depth is perfect.  When I dive there are no words that can describe that experience.  When I go back to visit Israel I am going to make sure I dive in the Red Sea.  I already have some diving partners in place for future visits;) Dubai, is about a 13-14 hour flight from JFK, about the same amount of time it took me to get to Israel in December.  Click on the link within this story and let me know if you're up to a visit?


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