The new Downtown Market in Grand Rapids will open this summer.

Construction continues to move forward as do other plans.

Downtown Market is accepting applications for vendors.

What is Downtown Market? explains:

If it helps you wrap your head around it, think of it as Main Street with a produce market, kitchen, garden, school, performance hall, bakery, brewery, eatery, butchery, flowery meeting place + market.

In other words, a perfect fit for that part of town.

It's impact is expected to be a large one. reports:

$775 million and 1,300.

That’s how much the Grand Action Committee and Downtown Development Authority estimate the new Downtown Market will be worth to West Michigan’s economy over the next 10 years, and the number of jobs it will create.

And that's one of the main reasons why the GR Business Journal has named the Downtown Market as it's "Newsmaker of the Year".

Get an application to become a seasonal or daily vendor, plus take a look at the rules and regulations for Downtown Market. 

They are also hiring an Office Manager.

Can't wait for the opening of Downtown Market!