They're back already? Yep! Girl Scout Cookies are back for another year!

And you thought maybe you would give up some sweets for your New Year's resolution. No way, Girl Scout Cookies are back, and how can you say no to a sweet Girl Scout asking you to buy their delicious cookies.

I know, we will find the Girl Scouts inside your favorite supermarket, or, they may show up on your doorstep, or, of course, they'll send their parent to find you at the office.  Any way you look at it, they're coming for you and your cookie money.

The 2022 cookie sale has begun, and you can try to resist the Thin Mints, Tagalongs and Samoas, but you will fail. But, what if none of the above happens, and you're like, I have to have my Girl Scout Cookies! No problem, because if you don't have a Girl Scout connection and still want the cookies, you can place an order online.

Oh, now you are talking, because you're in luck since there is an App for that. There is actually a Girl Scout Cookie Finder app and you will be able to find an in-person sale near you.

And even then, if you don't want to mess with that, there is another app! Go figure. You should be able to order on line, but that really takes some of the fun out it by making a sweet little Girl Scout happy when you buy directly from them.

Andy Rent
Andy Rent

In my neighborhood, there are some enterprising young entrepreneurs who this winter were selling Hot Chocolate, and I know soon will have their cart back out with Girl Scout Cookies. Venmo? PayPal? They're 8-years old! These girls are the next Amway, I'm sure!


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