If you attended this year's auto show in Detroit, health officials from Michigan are warning people that you may have been exposed to Rubella after an attendee was diagnosed with it.

The Michigan Department of Health & Human Services put out a news release stating that this person, an out-of-state resident, may have been contagious at the time; and if you went January 13-15 you are asked to take precaution.

Rubella is also known as the German measles and is a viral illness which can be spread through coughing and sneezing. Symptoms can erupt 12-23 days within exposure and signs include

  • Low-grade fever
  • sore throat
  • Rash that spreads throughout the body

Most people get vaccinated for rubella throughout childhood but if you are unsure, you're asked to contact your doctor for the next necessary step.

The last time of a reported rubella case in Michigan was in 2007.

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