For those of you who frequent my blogs, you know my periodic video and blog series, "My Colon," which features cool and unique happenings in the small village of Colon, MI. The Magic Capital Of The World is truly a special place and a beautiful place to spend the weekend to get away from the city. Colon has a rich history that still thrives today with it's residents, but one person is trying to destroy all that.

What first appeared to be an April Fool's Day joke is starting to look like a legit thing. Someone is trying to start a petition to change the name of the village. The creator of the website,, suggests, as the city itself, that people are making fun of its name and it wants a new one. The creator has suggested names such as Magic, Bouton, Abbottville, and Cologne. Residents however don't support this name change and are proud of their village and it's name, and to change it would destroy all the history behind it. Plus, "My Colon" would be ruined.

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