This coming Wednesday, September 11 is certainly a significant day in the history of the United States.  For, it was on 9/11/2001, terrorists attacked New York and Washington D.C., bringing the World Trade Center towers down, and damaging the Pentagon.  Several thousand lost their lives as a result, and it's a day that all of America will never forget.

Here in Grand Rapids, the President Ford Council, Boy Scouts of America, will continue their tradition of their day-long salute in remembrance.

Each year, on 9/11, from sun up to sun down, the scouts have been at the Ford Presidential Museum offering the "Scout Salute."

At 7 a.m., the Scout Salute will begin with the lowering of the flag from full-to-half-staff.  There will be ceremonies through out the day, and it's open to the public.

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