I was reading an article on a new kind of Dart Board, and wondered if many local bars still have dart boards of their own to entertain customers. The answer I got.....Oh, Yeah! Lots!

I stopped counting at nearly 200. Who knew? There is even a Dart League Association. Man, I've been out of touch.

Floentine, Tillmans, The Score, Putt Putt's, and so many more, all have Darts. For a game that began historically as little javelins used in warfare in ancient history, it's come a long way.

And that leads me to the newest invention I came across. An ex-NASA engineer built a dartboard that lets players hit a bullseye with each and every toss. That's my kind of board. When a player throws a dart, the board tracks it using optical sensors and then moves quickly so that the dart hits the bullseye. I'm not kidding.

The sploid.gizmodo.com website has the info and video. It seems pretty fun and amazing, so check it out.


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