Matthew Stafford was once (may still be?) beloved in Detroit as the quarterback of the Lions during some of the team's (many) lowly years.

Stafford was traded to Los Angeles in return of Jared Goff. The trade paid off immediately for the Rams as Stafford led his team to a Super Bowl - with the full-throated support of the Detroit Lions fanbase who were happy to see Stafford get a ring. Some fans went so far as to sport Detroit Rams apparel.

Now that Stafford is returning to Detroit in a high-stakes playoff game, how should Lions fans greet the returning hero?

Many Lions fans are calling for an outright ban on Matthew Stafford jerseys at Ford Field on Sunday night.

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The Detroit Line shared on Facebook:

We are calling for a Lions-Stafford jersey ban on Sunday. Detroit will not, and should not, be celebrating him. He is now our enemy.
He asked to be traded. He didn't believe in this franchise, his teammates, or the city. He wanted the easy road with a ready-made winner.
Please don't wear a Lions-Stafford jersey to the game. If you do, we hope you get ridiculed and have it confiscated. This is not a time to be cute or funny. This is about business and putting the final nail in the SOL coffin.

SOL, btw, for those not familiar is "Same Old Lions" the refrain used by fans who have little expectation of the team delivering on the hopes of success.

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The internet makes some valid points. Stafford went to a ready-made winner. He had to do the work, but many of the puzzle pieces were in place.

If that sentiment by Stafford is true, it echoed the departure of T.J. Hockenson. The tight end once starred in Detroit but was quick to dump on his former team saying after the trade, "That's what we're here to do, is to go somewhere and win some games. That's kind of the first time I can say that." The Lions were able to vanquish that demon by running through their division opponents.

The road Jared Goff and the Detroit Lions faced was much more fraught than the one faced by Stafford.

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So is it time to turn the page on the past, hold back on the "Michigan Nice" welcome for Stafford and take a huge step in advancing to the divisional round of the playoffs?

Surprisingly, the reaction to the proposed Stafford jersey ban was mixed on social media. Many of those replying to The Detroit Line say a jersey ban would be petty:

Seriously? This is taking pettiness to a whole new level. smdh!!!

Childish. Wear what you want. Go Lions!!!!

Easy guy. People can do what they want. I wouldn't encourage people to wear "Stafford" jerseys but I understand if some do. That guy put his heart and soul into this team for a long time...didn't work out...there was a mutual parting of ways. Not a big deal.

Stafford is the man, still my favorite Lions QB..... only root against the guy when he plays us

At the same token, let’s get more behind Goff being able to beat the coach and franchise that didn’t believe in him after he took them back to the Super Bowl.

And that last point may be the best - and forgotten storyline. While the NFL world is talking about Matthew Stafford's return to Detroit, there's not much mention of Jared Goff's chance to prove something to the coach and franchise that seemingly gave up on him by trading him to the then-lowly Same Ol' Lions.

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Sunday night at Ford Field will be a night for the ages for Lions fans, no doubt.

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