When it comes to gaining the public's vote, a base of fans and name recognition can go a long way at ArtPrize.

A couple of returning finalists have both of those.

Artists and venues have until June 20 to connect.  At the time of this post 457 entries have been connected with venues.  We've spotlighted a couple of returning artists that ArtPrize fans will recognize.

Bill Secunda

Bill Secunda has finished in the top ten every year he has entered ArtPrize.

In 2009, Secunda entered "Moose" a sculpture made out of nails.

In 2010, Secunda returned with another entry made out of nails, "Dancing With Lions".

In 2011, Secunda entered "Mantis Dreaming".  "Mantis Dreaming" was a 20-foot-tall steel sculpture.

A new rule took effect in 2011 making top ten finishers ineligible to return the following year.  Secunda took 2012 off, but returns in 2013 with "In My Soul".

"In My Soul" is a nail sculpture.  ArtPrize.org has a statement on the piece from Secunda:

It is my interpretation of what a soul may look like through life's journey and before it takes final form. The sculpture is hundreds of birds in flight that take the shape of an angel like figure with outstretched wings.

"In My Soul" will be on display at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum.  This will mark the first time that Secunda's work has been on display at a location other than The B.O.B. for ArtPrize.

See pictures of Secunda's work. 

Paul Baliker

Baliker's ArtPrize entries finished in the top ten in 2010 and 2011.  In 2010, "A Matter of Time" finished fourth.  In 2011, "Ocean Exodus" finished eighth.  Both entries were wood sculptures.

This year, Baliker returns to ArtPrize with another wood sculpture.  "Dancing With Mother Nature" will be on display at Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum.  Artprize.org describes the piece:

Sculpted from cedar wood obtained from islands in the Gulf Of Mexico. "Dancing With Mother Nature" is environmental in subject matter, depicting both the beautiful as well as beastly.

Sounds like the Ford Museum is set up to be a popular stop once again.

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