Christmas is almost here and you're making last-minute shopping runs to find just the right gift.  For the kids, you're hoping that they're not out of the special toy/electronic gadget they want.  And, this year, electronic seems to be the operative word.  Younger and younger children are asking for the latest and greatest, whiz-bang, electronic "thing" whether it be the iTouch, Leap Frog, whatever.  I think even Fisher-Price has a simple computer for little ones.

Remember the "good-old-days" of the 90's.  That's not that far back, but we sure weren't buying computers.

The hottest toys then were Beanie Babies,

Moon Shoes, My Little Pony,

Stretch Armstrong, Super Nintendo and Tickle Me Elmo.





Times were a bit simpler, weren't they.

What were some of your favorites?