Ah, it's prom season.  What memories.  I remember so well all the excitement, the fuss and bother.  No, not my own prom,  although I did look fantastic in my white formal coat,  plaid cummerbund and tie.  Smashing!

It's  my daughters prom's that I remember.  They looked so beautiful, and were so excited.  We had their friends over, took pictures, sent them on their way and worried the rest of the night!

The real problem, though, was the shopping before the prom.  What dress to wear, how much to spend.  Aaarrrrggghhh!  What a pain, and, I just wrote the checks.  Okay, that WAS a pain.  That beautiful, expensive dress.....worn only once!

How would like to be this lucky Michigan girl.  She didn't have to shop at all and got to wear a $25,000 dress...for FREE!

Not just any dress,  a $25,000 Versace Couture dress designed for actress Christina Ricci.

Ricci wore the sparkling, pale gray, floor-length dress to this year's Oscars.

Kayla Staskiewicz (STAS'-keh-witz) wore it to Waterford Mott High School's May 13 prom.

The Oakland Press of Pontiac reported Sunday that her father, Mike Staskiewicz, entered her name in a Detroit television station, WDIV-TV, contest to win a chance to wear the size 0 dress.

Staskiewicz says there was just one question when she learned she'd won: Would it fit?

She says on the station's website that she stepped into the dress the day before the prom, and it fit beautifully.

Staskiewicz told the newspaper she felt "really pretty" and her mom kept calling her Cinderella.

I think we still have our daughters dresses somewhere.  Anybody want one?  I'll make you a really good deal!