You know, we Americans spend a lot of time on our cell phones. We've heard warning from some that we could be getting radiation from our phones.  However you can never find anything definitive.

Are you concerned, worried, don't care?

Maybe we should care a bit.  You see, the cell phone radiation emission laws are pretty old...15 years old.  So, last week the Government Accountability Office called on the FCC to investigate radiation standards on cell phones.

The laws were enacted when consumer cell phones were just taking off. In a year-long study, the Government Accountability Office found radiation limits aren't always accurate.

The agency wants the Federal Communications Commission to look at potential health effects and tighten restrictions, if necessary. Some health experts argue that long term cell phone use could lead to cancer.

The government requires all phones to have a SAR score of less than 1.6 watts per kilogram.

What about that phone of yours?  Do you know how much radiation it emits?  Probably not.

You can.  In order to find your cell phone's emission, first contact the cell phone company and ask for it's manufacturing ID number. Then contact the FCC and use that ID number to look up your phones SAR score.

And, there you go.